The GET eSchool is changing. We're excited to introduce...

God Encounters Ministries with James W. Goll!

Please visit our new website at

Are you interested in classes by James W. Goll? New course purchases must now be made on our new website. 18 online classes by James W. Goll are still available there, with corresponding curriculum kits and other materials. You will find we have new formats and pricing options, like monthly streaming and MP3 / MP4 download, and enrollment is no longer required.

UPDATE for GET eSCHOOL STUDENTS: You should have received an email detailing the changes and implications for audit and credit students. This GET eSchool website will remain active until all existing Credit Courses are completed or have expired. By logging in you will still be able to access your course pages and student account, and complete any outstanding credit coursework. Upon request, all GET eSchool Audit and Credit Students will be granted lifetime access in the new God Encounters Ministries website to any courses you have purchased in the GET eSchool. Once the last remaining Credit Course has been completed or expires, this GET eSchool site will be discontinued. This information will be further outlined in the email you have received.

If you have any questions, please contact us at