The Chamber of Life*

Building Foundation – Knowing Truths, Growing in Faith

The purpose of the Chamber of Life is to inspire and equip people to live an overcoming and character-filled Christian life of faith. This teaching series covers the elementary principles that are the foundation for every believer, as well as truths concerning the overcoming church.

*This chamber is required for graduation from the God Encounters Training School.



The Chamber of Intimacy

Blueprints for Prayer – Prelude to Revival

The purpose of the Chamber of Intimacy is to inspire and equip people to walk in intimacy and communion with God through prayer. For King David, prayer was not a formality or a ritual but a heartfelt expression, a chanted song of praise and exaltation. Rediscover the lost art of prayer with this inspirational series.



The Chamber of Revelation

Equipping a Prophetic Army

The purpose of the Chamber of Revelation is to inspire and equip people to receive and impart revelation through prophetic grace. King David was a prophet chosen by God. And a prophet is someone – indeed, anyone – who speaks for God with authority. Now you can explore the scriptural foundations of this important spiritual gifting through this revelatory series.



The Chamber of Action

Empowered for Ministry - Experiencing Power

The purpose of The Chamber of Action is to be empowered for personal ministry. The life of the Spirit is a life of power. King David understood this, for he was a man not only of great political power but spiritual power as well. In this dynamic series, James W. Goll leads you to a deeper realization of the practical Biblical principles that can empower your ministry.